Nissan Cafe by Fresh Cut

The Nissan Cafe by Fresh Cut is open Tuesday–Saturday from 9 a.m.–4 p.m. and is closed on Sunday and Monday.

Daily Specials

Tuesday, September 15
Mango Teriyaki Chicken
Fried Rice
Roasted Sweet Potato

Soup of the Day: Cheese

Wednesday, September 16
Hamburger Steak & Gravy 
Mashed Potatoes

Soup of the Day: White Chicken Chili 

Thursday, September 17
Chicken Enchiladas
Spanish Rice
Mexican Corn 
Chips & Salsa 

Soup of the Day: Cuban Black Bean

Friday, September 18
Fried Catfish
Cole Slaw
French Fries

Soup of the Day: Chicken Wild Rice